Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my website.

In this blog, I would like to share my research interest, which is how to communicate efficiently, or how to get a message across.

I have talked about that subject in other blogs or websites I write for. So now, I’ll keep all conversations on this subject here, and let these other websites focus on their initial subjects.

So where have I written?


  • Gamethink was my first site on which I wrote extensively. I have worked for a while in the videogame industry and I have used this space to write a number of columns on a variety of subjects, like game violence or history of videogames. But I consider that my work on gamethink is mostly done. I don’t plan to update it regularly anymore, and I don’t plan to ever work in the videogame industry again. That being said, a good third of the articles I wrote haven’t been published yet.
  • Amusement is a game, fashion and lifestyle magazine to which I contribute regularly.


I work at the OECD and my job is to improve the communication of statistics. More on that in future posts.

There, I worked on two more or less official blogs:

the OECD Factblog, where I publish excerpts of OECD data. My most successful and most interesting story has been about how to publish graphs on blogs and websites.

the OECD Statitistcs Spotlight, where I produce graphs to illustrate topical subjects.

I’m also collaborating on a book with colleagues from several statistical agencies about guidelines for producing graphs. It would be a follow-up to this guide: Making Data Meaningful.