Tableau contest, additional views

For the tableau contest, I had prepared many other views which I didn’t include in the final dashboard. Here’s a couple:

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This here is the number of points in the adult obesity rates which are not explained by the median income of the county. In other words, marks that appear very green are counties where people are less obese than counties with similar incomes, and conversely, red marks show counties where obesity is more widespread than expected by income alone.
This suggests that there could be some cultural/regional explanations to the health situation. People in the mountains area, especially Colorado, show as very green, while people in the old South are very red. Mid West and North West are average, New England and Florida tend to be better than average. Yesterday, there was a show on French TV calling Houston the fat capital of the USA, explaining that by cultural reasons. But the fact is, obesity rates in Harris county are lower than average, and on this map the corresponding mark is green, showing that factors other than income play a positive, not negative role. I love it when facts and numbers get in the way of a nice story.

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and this is put together, say, just for aesthetic purposes. it categorizes counties by their median income (in increments of 1000$, X-axis) and their obesity rates (by chunks of 0.5%, Y-axis) and plots the total population of the counties that fill both criteria. Then again, it doesn’t show the actual number of people who are in a specific income and obesity bracket, it just adds the population of whole counties.




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