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Here is my Tableau contest 2011 entry.
The rules stipulated it had to be about business, real-estate or finance, so I chose real-estate. Since everyone loves New-York, and since the data for real-estate transaction is relatively easy to get, that’s what I show. In order to be within Tableau Public 100,000 row limit, I chose to show only the residential transactions (apartment buildings or buildings converted to apartment buildings), larger than 100 square foot and sold at at least $1.

Before I started, I wanted to create a Tableau that would be legible as a static image.
We tableau tribe have seen a lot of interactive dashboards with sophisticated action. Here, I wanted to cater to the discriminate analyst who gets their kicks from seeing patterns emerge with a glance to 90k datapoints.

What does it show for instance? well, while the bulk of transactions are at a price close to the average there are a large part which are done considerably below that, and comparatively, very few which are markedly over that.
The marks which are aligned show either many transactions at the same price (there are distinct $1, $10 and $100 lines for instance) or sales of similar properties. There were a string of sales of identical apartments at 1335 6th Avenue, for instance.

It’s possible to switch the function of the Y-axis of the scatterplot, which can either represent square feet or sale price. The largest transaction on the period was around $4 billion, and the largest in terms of area was just above 10m square feet.
It is also possible to explore through the lists on the right. By selecting “other types” of buildings for instance you can see which apartment buildings once were yeshivas or fire stations or (what?) “detention houses for wayward girls” (there’s one in upper east side).
You can also switch to a map-based version of this dashboard. Speaking of maps, a right-click on any mark can open a google maps window centered on that address for you.

So here goes, enjoy the viz and good luck to all contestants




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