Which way to the right?

Here is my entry for the Tableau 2012 politics contest.

Source of the data:

Economic statistics from OECD, opinion data from TNS Sofres.

Making-of and explanation post to follow.




10 thoughts on “Which way to the right?

  1. Brilliant work! FYI, I’m using Safari on a Mac and the Version française button is only swapping in/out a few of the views at the bottom of the view, still leaving a number of the English versions intact above.

  2. I’m seeing the same behavior on Chrome for Mac and IE, so I just did a little more poking around, it looks like you have a web page layout container that contains the bar chart below “What is the best strategy”, so the URL Action to control the language is loading the entire French version into that web page container and not replacing the view. Do you have to use the web page layout container or can you use a regular layout container?

  3. I see, this happens also on my current setting. I had assumed that the action url was to work as a hyperlink, not update the first web layout container. So that switching thing is best left outside of the dashboard.
    Re: your question, yes I do, if I leave this worksheet inside the dashboard without wrapping it in a web container, it is getting very very slow, so slow that the page will probably not update between interactions.

  4. Ok, I just read your blog post about the viz, I see why you made that choice with the layout containers. The only workaround I know of would be to use the swap views with a parameter filter trick.

  5. Congrats Jerome, excellent submission!
    I was wondering if you could include the meaning of colors in the “Values of the French” chart; it looks like they match the “themes” designation used in your last chart. Best of luck!

  6. Very nicely done. A couple of small points: the “Values of the French” tooltips’ 2nd values are, in left-right order: -200%, -100%, 0%, 100%, or 200% – it feels like this isn’t what was intended; and the “Position of candidates” chart would be assisted with a legend to identify which marks are associated with which candidates.

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