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Changing the world with visualization: slides from the panel.

22 October, 2009 (17:50) | data visualization, presentation | By: jerome

I’ve put my slides from the panel on slideshare: Changing the world with visualization View more presentations from vozome.

Changing the world with data visualization

18 October, 2009 (01:05) | data visualization, presentation | By: jerome

This Wednesday, I had the privilege of talking at Visweek at a panel with Robert Kosara, Sarah Cohen and Martin Wattenberg. That was a truly great experience (at least from that side of the microphone). We all had a different approach to the subject. Sarah showed some of the stories she ran on the Washington […]

Testing Microsoft Office 2010

6 October, 2009 (19:03) | charts, presentation | By: jerome

If you are using computers for work, chances are that you are spending a good portion of your day with Microsoft products such as the Office suite. Some hate it, some love it, but to hundreds of millions it’s part of our daily lives and its design choices affect how we think and work in […]