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Red + green + blue = something else

10 June, 2011 (18:35) | data visualization | By: jerome

I’ve been posting quite a few times on Tableau these last few days, so I’ll end up the week with one viz I had previously shared on twitter with some success. Sheet 1 Powered by Tableau so what’s the story? I have been inspired to do this via the work on onformative which I discovered […]

… and tableau contest results

9 June, 2011 (18:57) | data visualization | By: jerome

have been announced. My entry got honorary mentions which is the best I could hope for not being based in the US! anyway, the rewards is going through the process, seeing what others have done. and learn from the process. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Agnieszka – Russian Sphinx chose a subject similar […]

Tableau contest 2011

3 June, 2011 (02:17) | data visualization | By: jerome

Real-estate transactions in ManhattanResidential buildings, 2003-present Powered by Tableau Here is my Tableau contest 2011 entry. The rules stipulated it had to be about business, real-estate or finance, so I chose real-estate. Since everyone loves New-York, and since the data for real-estate transaction is relatively easy to get, that’s what I show. In order to […]