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d3: scales, and color.

11 August, 2011 (12:03) | d3, protovis, tips | By: jerome

In protovis, scales were super-useful in just about everything. That much hasn’t changed in d3, even though d3.scale is a bit different from pv.Scale. (do note that d3.scale is in lowercase for starters). Scales: the main idea Simply put: scales transform a number in a certain interval (called the domain) into a number in another […]

d3: adding stuff. And, oh, understanding selections

9 August, 2011 (14:49) | d3, protovis, tips | By: jerome

From data to graphics d3 and protovis are built around the same principle. Take data, put it into an array, and for each element of data a graphical object can be created, whose properties are derived from the data that was provided. Only d3 and protovis have a slightly different way of adding those graphical […]

From protovis to d3

8 August, 2011 (16:47) | d3, protovis | By: jerome

You’ve spent some time learning protovis only to find that its development is halted as authors have switched to work on d3. Have your efforts all been in vain? Fear not! This series of posts will help you adapt to d3 with a protovis background. Before we go anywhere further, let me say that these […]

Now reading: Visualize This

3 August, 2011 (15:51) | book review | By: jerome

I’ve just read Visualize This by Nathan Yau and you should too. Before I go and develop why, I’d like to say a few words about the author. Thank you Nathan! Nathan started flowingdata in 2007. This wasn’t the first blog on data visualization, and his author wasn’t the best known member of this community. […]