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Don’t take my word for it

24 November, 2011 (03:18) | presentation | By: jerome

Inspiration In June 2010, I attended a Wolfram|Alpha event called the London Computational Knowledge Summit where speakers mostly focused on how computers can transform the way we teach and transmit knowledge. Several of the presentations made a lasting impression, and mostly the talk by Jon McLoone: Jon’s point was that academic papers today look an […]

Promising difficulties

13 November, 2011 (22:18) | data visualization | By: jerome

At the recent VisWeek conference, Jessica Hullman and her coauthors presented ”Benefitting Infovis with Visual Difficulties (pdf)”, a paper that suggests that the charts which are read almost effortlessly are not necessarily the ones that readers understand or remember best. To answer that claim, Stephen Few wrote a rather harsh critique of this paper (pdf). As I read this […]

An open letter to Tableau

4 November, 2011 (12:51) | data visualization | By: jerome

Normally, at this time of the year, I’ll be writing a recap of VisWeek. And I will – the writeups I have been doing for were just highlights of individual talks. But much of my VisWeek 2011 experience happened in between the talks. People you meet, ideas you glimpse, that collide and generate new […]