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Hollywood + data II: the sequel

28 January, 2012 (17:31) | data visualization | By: jerome

a couple of days ago I posted the contribution of relative keywords to the earnings of a given movie. Well, it occurs that the cast of a movie is much easier to obtain than keywords and much less messy. So, I also had scraped the 4 lead actors for each movie of the Beautiful Information […]

Hollywood + data

23 January, 2012 (22:53) | data visualization | By: jerome

Ever heard of the Information is Beautiful awards? It’s visualization competitions a monthly visualization competition put together by David McCandless of Information is Beautiful fame. Part of it are monthly competitions that run on a curated dataset. Jen Lowe and I are making a team for the current one about the movie industry and we […]

Using d3 with a mySql database

2 January, 2012 (20:15) | d3, tips | By: jerome

Creating visualizations from static files is fine and dandy but sometimes you need to be able to access dynamic data. And some other times, you may want to somehow record interactions from your users. One way to do that is by interacting with a mySql database. Without further ado here is the demo: How does […]