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Designing data visualizations

22 April, 2012 (17:32) | book review, data visualization | By: jerome

Noah Iliinsky and O’Reilly were kind enough to send me one review copy of Noah’s book and who says review copy says review, so here goes. We need more introductory books to data visualization. I’ve had several discussions with data visualization colleagues who feel that there are too many books already. I strongly believe otherwise. […]

Hollywood + data III: our info+beauty awards entry. Bonus: making of.

22 April, 2012 (17:08) | d3, data visualization | By: jerome

So Jen and I released our Info+beauty awards entry. How did we end up with this? it’s really cool working around movies, because it’s something we can relate to. At first I wanted to do something out of keywords we could grab on the movies but ┬áJen came up with another idea I found more […]

Treemaps in Tableau? can be done.

19 April, 2012 (13:16) | d3, tips | By: jerome

Tableau can do many things natively but there are a couple of basic primitives that are not built in because they behave somewhat differently from the overall logic. And treemaps is one of them. Then again treemaps are arguably one of the best way to express complex hierarchical information, i.e. to show the proportions in […]