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animations and transitions

16 July, 2012 (11:44) | d3, tips | By: jerome

That post originally appeared on, I’m reproducing it here for clarity and ease of retrieval In interactive visualisation, there is the word reactive. Well, maybe not literally, but close enough. The fact is that reactivity, or the propension of a visualisation to respond to user actions, can really help engage the user in a […]

Embedding tableau visualizations on the web

2 July, 2012 (19:42) | d3, data visualization, tips | By: jerome

I’m writing this short post because I see that exact phrase come up in the search engine terms of the blog now and again (along with “Hello this is bathtub” but I can’t really help there). Long story short. I run into problems all the time trying to properly embed Tableau vis into wordpress blog […]