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Dimensionality reduction

10 September, 2012 (11:13) | Uncategorized | By: jerome

Following my Tableau politics contest entry, here is another view I had developed but which I didn’t include in the already full dashboard. In the main view I have tried to show how the values of candidates relate to those of the French. It’s difficult to convey that graphically when these values are determined by […]

Tableau 2012 politics contest – justification and making-of

5 September, 2012 (20:14) | Uncategorized | By: jerome

what led me to those choices I was technically happy of my entry for the sports contest. I had done what I wanted: obtain a hard-to-find, interesting dataset, attempt to create an exotic, hard-to-make and never-tableau’d-before shape with aesthetic appeal and insights. Yet the rules stated that the entries shall be judged on the story-telling […]

Which way to the right?

5 September, 2012 (20:14) | Uncategorized | By: jerome

Here is my entry for the Tableau 2012 politics contest. Source of the data: Economic statistics from OECD, opinion data from TNS Sofres. Making-of and explanation post to follow.

Getting to “Hello world” with d3

4 September, 2012 (17:20) | d3, tips | By: jerome

Back when I started learning programming, it was always fairly simple to achieve the canonical first step of accomplishments, that is, to get the system to announce that you are ready to do more by displaying “hello world” on the screen. In most systems then, there was a command prompt somewhere that would usually do […]