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d3 tutorial at visWeek 2012

15 October, 2012 (21:11) | conferences, d3, data visualization, presentation, tips | By: jerome

Jeff Heer, Scott Murray and myself have done a d3 tutorial at visWeek 2012. You probably gathered that from the title of the post. Here is a link to all the slides and code examples that we have presented: d3 tutorial For the purpose of the tutorial I have compiled a d3 cheat sheet, on […]

A game of data

3 October, 2012 (00:55) | data visualization | By: jerome

Inspired by the, well, inspiring set of Lost visualizations released by Santiago Ortiz – Lostalgic, I decided to publish the one visualization on all the data I had gathered on the Song of Ice and Fire series of books. Click to see the vis Here’s the idea behind this one. Many books set in a […]