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Getting beyond hello world with d3

20 November, 2013 (07:26) | d3, data visualization, tips | By: jerome

About a year ago I proposed a very simple template to start working with d3. But is that the way I actually work? Of course not. Because, though you and I know that displaying hello world in d3 is not exactly trivial, this is not a highly marketable skill either. That said, I just can’t […]

Making the game of thrones visualization

13 May, 2013 (09:07) | d3, data visualization | By: jerome

So I made this interactive visualization¬†about the 5 Game of Thrones books. How? The project The visualization is based on the events which happen to the main characters of the books. With over 2000 characters and close to 5000 pages over 343 chapters, it’s not possible to show everything, so I took about 300 characters […]

Selections in d3 – the long story

5 March, 2013 (12:20) | d3, data visualization, tips | By: jerome

This past week, Scott Murray and I presented a tutorial at Strata on d3 (of all things!) First things first, you probably want to get Scott’s book on the subject when it’s out. I should be translating it into French eventually. You’re also welcome to the slides and examples of the tutorial which can be […]

Gun murders in America

29 December, 2012 (10:40) | charts, d3, data visualization | By: jerome

Click for interactive visualization I have created this map of every homicide in the USA using firearms for the latest year where detailed information was available. Every, that is from all the agencies that report homicides to the FBI, which is not an obligation – this is why the map lacks Florida data. In the […]

Events in the Game of Thrones

9 December, 2012 (19:40) | d3, data visualization | By: jerome

I’ve created an interactive visualization on the Game of Thrones. (A more technical post on how this was done to follow)

La nuit blanche

21 November, 2012 (18:57) | d3, data visualization | By: jerome

TL;DR: go check the model here So I live in Paris and try to go to the museums there as much as I can, which is often. About ten years ago (2002, I think) the city came up with what I thought was a fantastic idea: “nuit blanche”, an art event during one night in […]

Some simulation models

7 November, 2012 (17:51) | d3, data visualization | By: jerome

Inspired by the coursera class on model thinking, by Scott E Page, I have implemented a bunch of simulation models with d3. It’s something I have done on and off for the past few weeks, and let’s say it’s really the first 6. Those interactive versions just graze the surface of all there is to […]

d3 tutorial at visWeek 2012

15 October, 2012 (21:11) | conferences, d3, data visualization, presentation, tips | By: jerome

Jeff Heer, Scott Murray and myself have done a d3 tutorial at visWeek 2012. You probably gathered that from the title of the post. Here is a link to all the slides and code examples that we have presented: d3 tutorial For the purpose of the tutorial I have compiled a d3 cheat sheet, on […]

Getting to “Hello world” with d3

4 September, 2012 (17:20) | d3, tips | By: jerome

Back when I started learning programming, it was always fairly simple to achieve the canonical first step of accomplishments, that is, to get the system to announce that you are ready to do more by displaying “hello world” on the screen. In most systems then, there was a command prompt somewhere that would usually do […]

animations and transitions

16 July, 2012 (11:44) | d3, tips | By: jerome

That post originally appeared on, I’m reproducing it here for clarity and ease of retrieval In interactive visualisation, there is the word reactive. Well, maybe not literally, but close enough. The fact is that reactivity, or the propension of a visualisation to respond to user actions, can really help engage the user in a […]