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Impressions from Wiesbaden

3 May, 2012 (01:59) | data visualization | By: jerome

I’m just returning from the 7th See conference on information visualization. I’ll do a longer, more descriptive post later (a lot happens in just 2 days) but for now I would like to mention one talk which really moved me. After the conference proper which takes place in the impressive Lutherkirche which sit hundreds, the See+ workshop […]

VisWeek 2010: the one-minute edition.

4 November, 2010 (17:19) | Uncategorized | By: jerome

Vis week 2010 View more presentations from Jérôme Cukier. Visweek 2010 is just over. With lectures and presentations going on in up to 4  rooms simultaneously for 6 straight and very full days, it’s impossible to see everything let alone to describe it. And even that would be ignoring all exchanges and social interactions which […]