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Stuff I do with Tableau

14 March, 2011 (19:01) | charts, data visualization | By: jerome

I put together a list of some of the things I’ve done with Tableau public there. I had put the link on twitter last Friday, and I just saw the number of connections through – never thought something posted just before the week-end could get so much attention! so thanks, twitter followers. I’m putting […]

More on Tableau Public

22 January, 2010 (19:19) | charts, data visualization | By: jerome

Yesterday’s post on Tableau Public generated a surge of traffic so I thought I should add more examples and practical information for people interested in the software.   Here’s a quick one on health, based on OECD Health at a Glance: Just select two indicators, and you see how one influences the other. Or rather, […]

Using Tableau Public: first thoughts

21 January, 2010 (15:44) | data publishing, data visualization | By: jerome

I am currently beta testing Tableau Public. Essentially Tableau Public let you bring the power of Tableau analysis online. With Tableau public, your audience doesn’t need to download a workbook file that they can see in an offline, software client – they can see and interact with your work directly on a web page. There […]

Review of Tableau 5.0

1 September, 2009 (18:02) | charts, data publishing, data visualization | By: jerome

Those last 2 weeks, I finally found time to give Tableau 5.0. Tableau enjoys a stellar reputation among the data visualization community. About a year ago, I saw a live demo of Tableau by CEO and salesman extraordinaire Christian Chabot. Like most of the audience, I was very impressed, not so much by the capacities […]