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Treemaps in Tableau? can be done.

19 April, 2012 (13:16) | d3, tips | By: jerome

Tableau can do many things natively but there are a couple of basic primitives that are not built in because they behave somewhat differently from the overall logic. And treemaps is one of them. Then again treemaps are arguably one of the best way to express complex hierarchical information, i.e. to show the proportions in […]

La france qui exporte

18 February, 2011 (20:10) | data visualization, protovis | By: jerome

This week, I was made aware of a new set of maps by French ministry of Foreign Trade, called cartographie de la France qui exporte (map of France exports) (link). Since I’m interested in the topic and that I know that French public services have killer cartographers I was eager to see what was so […]

Working with data in protovis: part 5 of 5

11 February, 2011 (20:11) | charts, data visualization, protovis, tips | By: jerome

previous: reshaping complex arrays (4/5) Working with layouts In this final part, we’re going to look at how we can shape our data to use the protovis built-in layouts such as stacked areas, treemaps or force-directed graphs. This is not a tutorial on how to use layouts stricto sensu, and I advise anyone interested to […]