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Strength in numbers

22 July, 2011 (17:22) | data visualization | By: jerome

Last month, organized an event in Brussels to gather European dataviz folks. As far as I’m concerned, the main output of that is that a handful of those present decided to create an informal discussion group to share ideas and promote data visualization. The group as it currently stands includes @datavis (@wiederkehr), @FILWD, @infosthetics, […]

VAST challenge 2011

1 July, 2011 (00:09) | data visualization, protovis, Uncategorized | By: jerome

This year I have participated to the VAST Challenge (VAST stands for visual analytics science and technology). The VAST symposium is part of the yearly VisWeek conferences. Anyway. The rules required contestants to send videos with voiceovers, so without further ado here they are. Watch me in HD instead!! Watch me in HD too!! If […]