La nuit blanche

Every year in Paris there's an event where art installations are scattered through the city for all to visit during the night.
The event attracts millions of visitors every year, but it's less exciting than it sounds: because little information is available to visitors, huge lines form at the most popular installations, so a typical "nuit blanche" involves an awful lot of waiting and walking.
This model aims to prove that if the length of the queues at installations were known to the visitors, for instance through the smartphone app which is close to useless as is, everyone would make much smarter choices and as a result the system would generate much less waiting time. Visitors would spend more of their time going from one to another, and, if they are fast enough (that is, if there is suficient transportation capacity between installations), most of the time spending waiting today could be spent enjoying art tomorrow.
Conversely, in the current system, even if there are huge queues, most installations will run under capacity.
By clicking "under the hood" you can play with all the parameters in the model. Enjoy!

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