Shooting Stars!

Turns out that the most frequently used story types are far from being the most profitable! Don't believe us? Click on the stars to find out!
See characteristics of groups of movies, and click on them to explore at a finer level.
See all the movies arranged by story type.


This challenge is awesome because movies are awesome. We all love them and can't stop paying for them. We go to movies way more when they have large budgets. This is because Hollywood spends much more to market big budget movies, and we LOVE marketing. We love marketing even more than we love movies, which hardly seems possible.


This viz is an entry for the Information is Beautiful awards: Challenge of the Stars and is mostly built on the supplied datasets, plus bits and pieces we got from imdb. This entry is made possible by the awesome d3 and twitter's Bootstrap; kudos to imdbapi.

Who We Are

We are Jen Lowe and Jerome Cukier, a powerfully unstoppable team of data visualizers. Jerome's favorite movies from the set are Another Earth, Kick Ass and Super 8. Jen's picks are Tree of Life , 3:10 to Yuma, the Hangover and Winter's Bones. Jen is a freelance visualizer and founder of Datatelling while Jerome actually lost count of all the stuff he's doing.